Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Seeing The Sights

We are at the Tea Garden in Minneapolis. One of us is drinking tea, one of us is not. 
There are a number of interesting folks at the tea garden. 
Here is a list of what we are witnessing... right now.
1. There is a Lisa look-a-like sitting over the in the corner. 
She sounds like Lisa too, she may be Lisa...or at least her sister.
2. There are some people one table over that are playing chess on a portable board, they even have a move counter thing. The two people with them are talking about making "super fly" shirts and ordering a thousand of the same one so that they ever have to buy a shirt again. 
They are now on to the topic of Star Wars. 
3. There is a man sitting over to the right who is designing a poster for Brother Ali. He is doing a very good job. Look out for posters advertising the Breaking Dawn Tour. 

I took the 6:45am flight from Detroit to St. Louis this morning and then the 8:15am flight to Minneapolis.
Despite my lack of sleep, I was able to experience a plethora of strange travelers. I wish I could keep a visual dictionary of all the people I have ever seen. Anyways, here are some of the people I saw at the airport today,

1. A 40 year old mullet lady.
She looked like she had just time traveled here.  Her hair was a complete disaster: too much hairspray, chunky bangs, and unnecessary short pieces of random hair on the top of her head.
But trust me when I say it was atrocious.
But I just had to stare while I ate my lucky charms at the nearby cafe. Luckily she didn't notice me.
 But I wouldn't care if she did. I will never see her again!

2. That same woman was chewing pink bubblegum, at 5am! How astonishing! I could smell it, it made my stomach queasy.  So, the combination of the woman mullet and the bubble gum smacking almost did me in.
Luckily I had to go catch my flight, so I left her standing in the middle of the airport.
I wonder what her name was...

3. I saw this teenage mom with acrylic nails bouncing her infant child on her lap.

I remember everyone I interacted with today,
the lady who I purchased my lucky charms and 2% milk from,
the flight attendant who poked me to tell me to raise my seat up for the descent,
the boy sitting across the aisle from us,
the woman who scanned my plane ticket,
and the woman with the poodle.
I love people.


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