Wednesday, September 15, 2010


You meet so many people at college.
So many.

Here is my people classification system:
1. People you will never like, hang out with or want to hang out with.
2. People you unknowingly hang out with at first, until you reevaluate the situation and realize you really don't want to be spending your time with them. At all. And then you can't really seem to distance yourself quite enough to actually end the whole thing. Those people.
3. People you only really talk to in class.
4. People you met once but still say hi to when you walk past them.
5. People you will socialize with in group situations but probably won't be best friends with.
5. People you actually like and consider friends. 

Thats it.

And here is a story.

Here at the Maryland Institute College of Art we have our very own Joker. 
Isn't that exciting?
He dresses up,
he does the voice,
and he has a whole monologue down pat.

He has informed me that he is going to be the joker for halloween.

Never would have guessed. 


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