Tuesday, August 3, 2010


NEW: Discussions between Lily and Keela...unfolding right before your eyes.
Be our witness.

Keela: I've decided that I should wean myself off of coffee. In Sweden I drank coffee the first morning, and I almost fainted later that day because it was so strong. Plus it burns a whole in my already non-existent pocket of money.

Lily: You should ween yourself, college debts will not like your coffee habits. The only time I ever drink coffee is when you buy it. One little sip and I feel like it's burning a hole in my stomach lining.
I am going to google some coffee statistics just for fun:
AHA- Sweden is the number two coffee consumer, after Finland.
Keela: Is it 'ween' or 'wean'? Ween reminds me of breen, which reminds me of those whales with the hairy teeth. Wean reminds me of bean. That's it.
It does burn a hole. A large black hole. I know this, because everytime I drink coffee, I pee and my poor piss reeks of espresso (which should be pronounced expresso). Nothing better than warm expresso piss after 3rd hour.
Yeah, I believe it. Their coffee was SO dark and strong. I would put warm cream in it and it wouldn't change color. It was just engulfed by the black hole.
But tea is out of the question.
Lily: Tea is far out of the question.
(Ween-Breen-Tween, Wean on the the other hand actually reminds me of beans too. Coffee beans.)
I don't think I like hot beverages, they make me feel kind of heavy. I do and don't like that you can feel it going down.
Keela: It's just watery business. Hot watery business.
Watch me pick up tea in a couple years though...I can forsee it happening.
I enjoy hot apple cider and cold half caffinated mochas. But see, even when I go half caff. or even DEcaff, I still piss putrid rank. So if I cut out coffee altogether, then healthy piss. Right?
Also, in Sweden, there was an abundance of sparkling water. Everyfreakingwhere. McDonalds, airport, every restaurant, every corner store, even stocked in our hotel room. I almost bubbled over in carbonation. It was a little much. Thoughts on carbonation?
Lily: I could definitely see you with tea. Fancy types.
Healthy pee is good pee, could you please stop saying piss?
It proves a point I guess though.
I think carbonation is good for two seconds, the first three sips, then it gets annoying, it has a strange taste- a little sour or something?
Very european though.
Keela: Yeah, none of that cheap tea bag stuff from the super market. I would exercise the use of a local tea store. The fresh stuff.
I like the word 'piss', it has a unique twang to it...a British twang. Actually, not a twang, a punch. The word 'pee' is so boring. Nobody ever says, "I am peed off!"

I like carbonation in glass bottles. For instance, San Pellegrino is 1234X better in a bottle.

If you were a country, who would you be?
Lily: What kind of question is that?
I think I would be a not too famous country.
Not African, not South American, NOT Asian.
Nothing too fancy or sophisticated, more laid back and un-important.
What would you be?
Keela: The coffee subject was boring me. Thus I decided to change it. That's why this discussion thing ROCKS, we can suddenly switch topics. Love it.
No, I think you're wrong. You would make a smashin' North Korea.
But, you would choose Ireland. You are obsessed. It's all those memoir things you endulge in. I don't think I'd be a country. I'd rather be a hairbow.
What does that say about me?

Keela: You like to do wild crazy things? Livin' on the edge? Haha, I was kidding.
I am a bow and you are a flag. There.

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