Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Beyond Retro

My brother spotted a vintage store in downtown Stockholm, 
what a gem.
Beyond Retro, it had everything.
Shelves, racks, bins, boxes, baskets, and rows of vintage finds.
I found a handmade black velvet jacket for a decent price.
I payed for it, and as we walked up the stairs and towards the door 
I found two salmon colored sweater shirts, a pair of high-waisted navy embroidered shorts, and a bag...all of which I had to have.
The guy at the register laughed at me when I returned to purchase the items. Just me again.

Vintage is the way to go, but here in Stockholm such vintage wearers are a minority amongst the high fashion metropolitans, thus there is a surplus of vintage clothing and items here...if you can find them!

In the bathroom stall yesterday, someone had written: R2D2 LOVES C3PO.

Also, a little girl behind us at dinner last night lost her tooth. We asked her dad how much a Swedish tooth fairy would leave her, and he said 5 Kroner, less than a dollar, $0.70. Ha.


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