Wednesday, June 23, 2010

June 22nd 2010

It's hot. 89 feels like 92.
More like 92 feels like hell.
The quaking aspen in Lily's backyard also feel hot. They are still aspen today. No quake.

1. Went to MCAD's show, Aesthetic Apparatus One Year Late
a. It featured a orange and brown floral couch that previously resided in their printing studio.
b. A box of beer bottle caps consumed in the studio from 2002-2010.
c. Two suites that had been retired due to their horrific stench. One was a shaggy moose mascot.
d. There were 87 polaroids, showing all the guests that had visited their design studio. Many people thought it was a creative way to document the life of their studio, but it was really a way for them to remember people's names. Names of babies and dogs too.
e. There were, displayed on the wall and in a large pile, 900 misprints. 
(Can you tell that this is the only thing that Lily actually typed? - In reference to 1e.)

2. Hunt & Gather
a. Sifted through an obese bin of old photos for a good 10 minutes.
b. Bought some necessary old photos.

3. Bruegger's
a. Lily chomped on a toasted asiago parmasan bagel with plain cream cheese, and Keela on an everything bagel with plain cream cheese.
b. Lily had plain potato chips, and Keela over-seasoned barbeque chips. They left dust on her black maxi dress.

4. Paperback Exchange
a. Keela fainted here before. We re-visited the exact place where it all went down. Ha.
b. Sat on the ground as we looked for some good reads. We discussed books and their covers. 
Bad covers and good covers.
c. We concluded that we have a three-step method to picking out books:
-Look at the cover.
-Read the synopsis. Sucks if it lacks one.
-Read a page or two to get a feel for the writer's style.
d. Lily likes memoirs. 
e. Keela likes compilations of short stories.
e. The overwhelming majority of books there were mystery or romance novels. It was sickening.

5. Book Club
a. Sat outside under porch shade and read books.

*Question of the day: If you had a booth at Hunt & Gather, what would you call it?

Keela & Lily

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