Saturday, May 1, 2010

Super Market

Grocery shopping is an oddly private, oddly public thing.
Everyone can see what you are eating and vice-versa. 
Here are our respective thoughts on the most public private thing. 

(I just called Keela to see if we could get this post rolling, she did not answer. It is 12:23 am)

When I was young my family would go to the grocery store and Target every weekend,
all four of us.
It was always the morning, and I can only remember doing it in the spring and summer months, but I'm sure it happened all year round. 
I consider this a good grocery strategy, once a week you buy everything you need,
usually just more of the exact same thing you bought last week. Routine. 
I should go back and compare the receipts from all those weekend shopping trips,
there have to be some patterns there. 


I love grocery shopping.
It's slightly theraputic.

Unlike Lily, my family retreats to the grocery store (preferably Kowalskis) every other day, if not almost everyday. My family buys only ingredients for that night's dinner...why? I don't know. Thus, our cupboards are usually pretty desolate.
Cupboard is an odd word: cup + board. I've always just said, "cubbard." Perhaps I will start annunciating CUP BOARD, more often. Try it.

When we were younger, my brother and I would walk up and down the isles of GJ's and take as many coupons out of the red dispensers as possible and then try to stuff them back into the dispensers.

There are so many things I love about grocery stores: how the cashiers have all the produce codes memorized, the seafood display cases, the 1/2-sized carts (between the baskets and the regular sized carts), when the mini sprinklers water the produce, and when customers bag their own groceries.

Every year when my family drives to Montana, we always fool ourselves into participating in the self checkout. At a cursory glance, this self checkout seems too appealing...I think for me, the appeal was the idea of being able to scan my own groceries. I LOVE THE SCANNER, it's so invigorating. Patience is the key, make sure you place each item in the weigh area after you have scanned it, or else the system will lock up and an obnoxious red light will start flashing at your station and the whole entire grocery store will have to be shut down. Kidding.

Always paper over plastic.
Green peppers are always more expensive than red/yellow peppers.


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