Sunday, May 9, 2010

Hors D'oeuvres (Mothers Day Edition)

Lily did not want to post about how great our mothers are...she thought it would bore people.
But I on the otherhand, thought such recognition was necessary and extrememely prevelant, seeing that today is dedicated to all mothers.

My mother...

...leaves chocolate alligators (pecans, chocolate, and caramel) on my pillow while I am at school...
...on a daily basis she asks me, "are you happy inside?" ...
...reads this blog...
...brings me to the Y on her guest passes...

My favorite song she used to sing me:
"Listen to the horses, clipping clopping,
music everywhere, never stopping.
I'm gonna ride my palomino,
ride him to the fair."

With all the love in the world,
and to all the mothers in the world,
(even Lily's)
we appreciate you so much.


Gah Keela, you made me feel all guilty.
So here are 5 things about my mother, if you all want to know so badly.
1. She is 5 ft and 10 in tall.
2. She makes up lots of songs and poems and things.
3. Her pajamas are matching sets, usually.
4. She likes our big dog, but prefers mediumish dogs, but really she is not a pet person.
5. She like to read a lot.

My mom didn't know any lullaby type songs when I was young so she would sing The Star Spangled Banner.


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