Tuesday, March 2, 2010

H'or D'oeuvres

Keela's H'or D'oeuvres:
I had a duvet cover dilemma last weekend. Let me tell you.
I ended up at the MOA Urban Outfitters, and I found this amazing duvet cover. It screamed RISD dorm room. As you could have guessed, I grew attached and obsessed with this one particular duvet cover. Obsessed, meaning I had to have it.

I left Urban wishing I had bought the duvet, but I knew I would be able to order it online...so no biggy. But I COULDN'T order it online! I couldn't find the specific pattern I had seen earlier, and I just couldn't settle for anything else. Not to mention, all the duvets were $68! I didn't mind spending so much, but I wanted to spend it on the EXACT duvet cover I had first fell in love with.
I was distraught and depressed.
The next day, I went to the Uptown Urban...and to my amazement they had the duvet of my dreams! I was ecstatic. The best part? It was only $20.
BAM. It was fate.

I was tempted to invest in the matching pillow shams, but I thought that would throw my kismet off kilter.

Feast your eyes:

The wise words of my father:
"Use it up, wear it out,
make it do, or do with out."
Thus, my new philosophy about life...if I can't take it to college next year, there is no need to buy it.
So far, I have followed this philosophy. Girl scouts honor.

(p.s. sorry this font is so freakin' huge. It makes my ramblings last an eternity...if I knock it down one size it becomes specks against a white background. No can do.)

Recently my hair has been on a tour de force. I have been letting it air dry for lack of time but I think that this new found freedom has been taken a bit too far. For the last two days I have habitually felt, and I'm sure looked, like this-

This morning when I brushed my hair I could hear the electric popping. 
And those are my H'or D'oeuvres.

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