Sunday, February 21, 2010

Commence Adulthood

Today is the day that Keela was born in some far off Korean place. Thank goodness she turned up here in the end.
So to honor the remarkable luck that has brought her here to be my friend I will write 18 things you may or may not already know about Keela, for her 18th birthday of course.

1. She hates turkey, and far prefers ham on her sandwiches. 

2. She is probably the best/most responsible driver in our age group that I ride with frequently, very safe.

3. Her fingernails are almost always painted with Breaking Curfew nail polish, they are also almost always chipped beyond recognition.

4. She loves her huge gold Fossil watch but has trouble reading it. 

5. She loves her collie dog like no other, and kim bap the kitty too.

6. She has trouble not spending money on inane things, and has a collection of vintage photographs that could furnish a small shop, she could also open a magazine stand.

7. She works with preschoolers and frequently tells me about their bathroom habits, but I don't mind.

8. She got into RISD. But really I can't fathom why she wouldn't.

9. She likes crasins, but only the cherry flavored ones.

10. On our trip to Europe she became very attached to Dunkin' Doughnuts, specifically the little hashbrowns. Now every time she has a chance to flee Minnesota to a Dunkin' Doughnuts friendly land she does so.

11. Her ipod is a combination of the most incompatible music, and it is purple.

12. She thinks almost everything is funny and has the most easy to please sense of humor I have ever come across. 

13. She sends and receives letters on a regular basis.

14. We met each other in 5th grade. She was so different back then.

15. She takes fashion very seriously and has different wardrobes for the week and the weekend. 

16. She always has artistic ideas, which I envy so much.

17. She will do whatever she can to help other people, even if they live all the way over in South Africa.

18. She is the greatest friend. I don't think that I would be even close to the person I am now if she hadn't been around.

Happy Birthday Keela, I love you like I love no one else.


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