Monday, January 18, 2010

Nice to Meat You

This is how it went. Yesterday, after our daily huntin’ and gatherin’…and some local thriftin,’ we called our designated homes to check on the status of dinner...

The Potter  menu consisted of steak, mushrooms, salad, and chocolate banana bread. Were they trying to STARVE me?
I don’t eat steak or mushrooms. And after I learned this month that cesar salad sometimes has anchovies in it, I have been a little reluctant to fully indulge in a leafy bowl of greenery. Lily on the other hand loves steak.
Lily then called the Prinsen household, and found out that her family was having roast chicken for dinner, which I love.
She on the other hand despises the overly dry or overly wet poultry.

With that said, we should have been featured on a show called “Dinner Swap.” No such show exists, but it should have,
because we would have been very content with switching families for dinner. But instead, we fled to Perkins to grab some potato pancakes with extra applesauce.

Thus, this post is dedicated to MEAT and FOOD.

I don’t eat turkey. It’s too dry and tastes like cardboard.

I eat ham.
Ham with scalloped potatoes, ham with honey mustard,
ham with my morning eggs and toast.
Beef is fine. Chicken is great. Pork is iffy.

My meal of choice? This is easy. Korean food.

Bibimbab is my favorite Korean dish. A hot stone bowl with rice, various vegetables, beef, and a raw egg on top. You simply “cook” the ingredients in the stone bowl and add a hot sauce before eating. The egg fries in the hot bowl and the crunchy rice that forms on the bottom is the best.
A timeless, hearty, and healthy, this dish offers an amazing blend of flavors and textures.
Don’t forget to eat it with a spoon!
(Generally Koreans eat this dish with a spoon, not chopsticks).


I will like ham when hell freezes over, I will like roasted bird when it freezes over a second time, pork is....eh.
That leaves BEEF, and bacon which is part of the pig but hails from a different region all together, making it oh so edible.

Now when I say BEEF, I mean any cut available. 
Give me a caramelized onion blue cheese burger, give me a pot roast, give me a steak.
Oh steak, I could eat it every day. The type of steak that melts in your mouth, the kind that keeps you full for days, the kind that is so heavy you can feel the weight of it slosh around in your stomach after you eat. 
Unfortunately I have only had this miracle steak once in my life, at Manny's, the place I long to be. They bring a cart of raw meat to your table and let you pick your poison, I have never seen something so wonderful in all my life. 
For a virtual meat-cart click here: http://www.mannyssteakhouse.com/meatcart.php

It is not necessary to have sides with your steak, but if I were to have them they would certainly be homemade chips and broccoli with hollandaise. I swear right after this meal you feel like you can hardly move.
I made it really huge to show detail.

Keela likes to draw meat, not in a drawn and quartered sort of way but in a bacon portrait sort of way. Her meat of choice is perfectly marbled, as is mine. So I guess we both like MEAT, but in different ways, she likes hers on paper, I like mine on a platter. 
Oh, and I will never, ever, ever be a vegetarian. 
Unless a weekly steak is allowed.


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