Friday, January 1, 2010

Ooh La La

This post is dedicated to all things Gaga.

GAG-a: Keela loves Lady Gaga. Why? I have nothing against her, i guess, but who really cares? Actually I really have nothing to say on this subject. So I have put together this gaga haiku. 

Gaga for Gaga
What is all the hype about?
I could not care less.

That Lady named Gaga.
I love: Her glam rock aura, the fact that inspiration for her songwriting and performances come from fashion, that she mastered the piano at the age of four, that she attended Tisch School of the Arts, her “Bad Romance” mv, and her effortless ability to live on the edge of fashion.

I dislike: The fact that she ALWAYS seems to be living on the edge of fashion. It’s like I sometimes needed to have consumed a large quantity of caffeine to understand her daily outfit choices.

I’ve heard people criticize Gaga’s fashion sense, but if everyone took a step back and realized that Gaga’s image and her presence in the fashion world go hand-in-hand with her song writing and video artistry, they would understand that her image and music form a symbiotic relationship. I agree that if I saw a woman walking in black studded leather boots and a skin-tight leotard infused abstract piece of leather with geometric over-sized sunglasses, I would question her sanity. However, this IS Gaga, and not your ugg-and-black- tights-obsessed average teenage girl. So cut her some slack. It’s like telling Madonna to stop wearing her infamous cone bra. It’s just not gonna happen. So get over it. She is who she is, and if you think she is doing an under-par job at being Lady Gaga, YOU give it a try and see how successful you are. Just some hors d’oeuvres for thought.


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