Saturday, January 2, 2010

Decor [French, from décorer]

My interior design aesthetic is multifaceted. I like a mix of the new and the old, the normal and the slightly off-color, and I can't for the life of me settle on one look.   

For example, 
I might mix a bit of this:
with a bit of this:
a whole lot of this:
and a little of this too:

My main requirement of a living space is proof that someone lives there. There should be stacks of books and magazines, pictures and papers. There should be those surfaces that are kept clean, such as the t.v. cabinet above and there should be areas that are meant to collect objects, such as bookshelves and cabinets.  

In my ideal home there would be lots of wood, a good amount of stone, a smattering of glass, and a bit of animal, whether it be fur or leather, or perhaps some taxidermy. A rough exterior with a sleek yet cozy interior.
Also: A home should always have room for improvement, as your life changes, so should its surroundings.


* * *
Living space as an art form:
A person should be able to walk around in your living space and know who you are by the time they leave.

As I scanned various blogs and décor sites for inspiration, I kept falling flat. The dark wood paneling that lined a New York apartment living room was too gothic, the cream tweed throw pillows that sat upon an already cream sofa in a cramped cream room seemed too…creamy.

Apartment Therapy

Seeing as I live in a house not decorated by me (with the exception of my room, which is still stuck in its 'teenage stage’), I cannot wait to have my own apartment and fill it with lavish things and a life of its own. But this is where I hit the roadblock. I would love to have a modern living space complete with black shelving and geometric coffee tables, I would love to have a quintessential Pottery Barn kitchen with brightly colored cooking wear and hard wood floors, I would like to have a claw foot bathtub and two sinks with vintage hardware, and I would like to have a sunroom with French doors and lots of windows. BUT unless I want four different houses, I can’t have everything.

Let’s analyze this situation with a “glass half-full” perspective. First, no matter what I would love to have adorn my living space, it’s up to the living space itself: its structure, its layout, and its natural light. With that in mind, I believe that you must start with the house as a base, the naked house, and then add from there. It’s that simple.

Finally, adorn with personal style. But don’t you dare get caught up in trying to figure out what your ‘personal style’ is, because then your house will look like shit. Just kidding. But in all seriousness, invest in a few pieces that will act as your first layer (on top of the naked structure): pieces that are versatile. You can’t beat a good investment in versatility, because I am certain that you will profit in the long run. After, you can venture into finding the small charms and magic pieces that will sparkle on top of the now clothed structure. And voila, you have your living nook.

Apartment Therapy

So follow your instincts…
& the yellow brick road.


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