Thursday, September 1, 2011

Wisdom Without Wisdom Teeth

I got my wisdom teeth out on Monday and I am still trying to get these little sockets to heal...which means lots of online shopping, Harry Potter, Bravo TV, Jello, and misery.

Lily is currently in school, which is strange. I have 12 more days of summer. DANG.
 So while she is getting an education, I am sitting here with stitches in my mouth eating FAGE yogurt.
It came to my attention a couple days ago, that I've been eating this yogurt completely wrong...

Who knew you had to pour the jelly shit in? Whatever, I'll eat it how I want to eat it.
I am listening to "American Boy" by Estelle. I missed it.
Today I will clean my room and possibly pack some boxes to ship to Providence.
I will eat rice pilaf for lunch with some jello.

That's today's update.

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