Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Food Glorious Food

We had a conversation the other day about how we thought it was interesting that different families flock to different restaurants when they have the opportunity to eat out. 

We like ourselves some meat in the Prinsen family.
But we eat all different kinds of stuff.
Here's a list of places you might be able to spot us
(if you're lucky)

1. Blackbird Cafe
2. Victors
3. Chiang Mai Thai
3. Lucia's
4. Figlio (SIKE)
5. Other places. 

I guess we don't really have one usual place, we bounce around like some little mexican jumping beans.
So if you really want to stalk our lives you can buy a star-map and come find us the normal way, being that we are huge celebs and all.


The Potter's would eat breakfast every meal if we could.
Every morning there is at least one of us at Patisserie 46 or Sun Street Breads Bakery (we love us some coffee and pastries). On the weekend perhaps The Egg & I or Colossal Cafe. If it isn't breakfast food, we don't eat it. Got it?

Actually we are fans of the growing food scene in Minneapolis.
We flock to places such as:
 -Pizza Lola
-Black Sheep Pizza
-Buster's on 28th

Also, the top 3 places in Minneapolis to get yourself a good steamy bowl of tomato basil soup:
1. Turtle Bread
2. Brit's Pub
3. Blackbird

Good restaurants are so necessary, thank goodness we live in a city that supports our eating habits.


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