Thursday, April 14, 2011

Texts Before a Midterm

Yesterday afternoon.
Someone texted me.
I didn't recognize their number.
They had a PA area code.

Person: And she did it on purpose
Me: Who is this?
Person: LOL don't worry about it
Me: Alright.
Person: Why don't u just tell her ur OK and saver her the tears
Me: But why?
Person: OK fair enough but Why not
Person: Why is it so hard for men to say goodbye why drag it out if your done say bye if not quitting playing games
Me: It's harder than you think.  I can't just let her go. You kno?
Person: Yeah then say u need time but u can't just say nothing that cause ur hurting someone you care about
Me: Okay.
Person: Why are u not talking to her tho I don't understand I've only heard her side....I mean u can tell me to mind my own business I just wondered
Me: I think you have the wrong person.
Me: And the wrong number.
Person: Haha.
Me: Haha.
Person: I reall mean totext someone else for my friend she going through some shit Haha and u went along with it Haha that's too funny
Me: Haha, sorry about that...I had to at least for a little while.  I hope everything works out for your friend though.
Person: U had her going lmao.
Person: Priceless totally an urmph moment tho

Then I went to go take my art history midterm.


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