Friday, March 4, 2011

Delta Diarrhea

I haven't had much time to devote to posting,
BUT some shit went down on February 20th. LET ME TELL YOU.

I got on a plane departing from MPLS and headed to Detroit. This flight was slightly delayed because of the incoming snowstorm in MPLS. My flight arrived in Detroit at 1:35pm and my next flight to Providence departed at 1:50pm. I didn't get off the plane until 1:40pm...so...there I was sprinting to my next gate...the one ALL THE WAY ACCROSS THE FRICKIN' AIRPORT. It was basically me running up and down Mt. Everest twice. Another woman on my first flight was also trying to catch the flight to Providence, so we were sprinting buddies. We arrived at the gate just as they were about to close the plane door. We were so lucky and so sweaty.

We got settled in our seats and were ready for an easy flight back to Providence. SO WRONG.

We were about to taxi to the runway when the flight attendant told us the plane door hadn't been shut correctly...thus, we waited an HOUR for a mechanic to fix our door. Waiting to fix this door problem only allowed for the snow to accumulate even more. We began to taxi out to the runway again, and had to stop to at the de-icing station first. We waited in line for HALF AN HOUR. After getting gas, we had to turn back because the airport was going to shut down due to the snowstorm.  We returned to the gate and the attendant told us we had to wait on the plane for the luggage crew to arrive before we could get off the plane. So we waited...HALF AN HOUR. THEN, they told us the weather was fine and we could take off, but we had to get gas first. So we waited ANOTHER HALF AN HOUR for gas. Then, they told us the flight was cancelled.

A night at the Detroit airport, and for that matter the first half of my 19th birthday. I stocked up on provisions and spent the night in a chair circle with an elderly Indian woman, a skinny old man and his daughter, and another elderly woman.  We kept each other company and they wished me happy birthday right at 12:00. They were such interesting people.

The woman (top) and her father (bottom) using the red pity blankets Delta handed out.

I don't know how I ever got back to Providence.
But I seemed to have survived it all.


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  1. Hey girl(s)... I don't remember how I managed to find your blog... but I just realized that you're from the twin cities.. and that you were headed to pvd... which means you were probably going to school. and then it hit me: DO I KNOW YOU?! cause i'm from the tc area and go to school in pvd [risd]... but I don't recognize your names. hahaha... I feel so weird posting this, but hey, I'm curious!!