Monday, January 10, 2011

Advice to Ourselves

For the New Year.

Please stop over-packing, it's killing me.
Drink more water.
Adding some color to your wardrobe would be nice.
Sing louder in the shower.
Realize that not everything comes with an explanation, and the lack of one often times leads to something spectacular. 
Tame your green-eyed monster.
Embrace awkward moments and know that in 5 years, heck, a week, nobody will care if your auditorium seat broke as you were sitting down and you fell.
Don't stick to a schedule. Let things happen and don't be afraid when they do.
Remember that criticism is just...criticism. It's just their opinion, not the truth of the world.
Stop being scared of seafood, even though it smells atrocious, it might taste good.
Brush your teeth with your left hands, it's good for your brain.
Stop hoarding.
Say no, and mean it.
Live on the edge.


Stop acquiring. There already isn't enough space, more stuff doesn't help that problem.
Write more, you like it. 
Walk the dog. She would really like it. 
Talk to your roommate more, you should be friends. 
Go to more. Do more. See more. 
Be with people you like, instead of the people you are just comfortable with. As it applies to college life. 
Don't waste water waiting for it to turn hot. 
GET a wardrobe. Just because you are constantly cold doesn't mean you can't look decent.
Be proud that you watch almost fifteen different shows, religiously, every week. You know so much about television. People should be jealous. 
Talk more, in general.
Don't dread talking on the phone so much, you'll make it through. 
Don't regret so much. No one else cares. 

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