Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Time Capsule - November 2010

We spent last month creating time capsules a la Andy Warhol.
Basically, we spent all of November collecting things that we came into contact with, receipts, found objects, tickets ect. 
Now we will show pictures of fifteen collected things. 

We hope you enjoy this extra special glimpse into our lives!
And Andy's too.

(From left to right)
1.Train ticket to Boston $13 2.Train ticket to Boston $25 3.Train ticket to NYC $94 (I missed my Megabus, thus the expensive ticket) 4.Charlie Ticket 5.I ordered some sheet music from Groth, and they sold it to "KEELY POTTER" 6.The other sheet music that was sent to me was sold to "KIMBERLY POTTER" from Woodbury. What?!

7.I had to buy my roommate a red onion for her 2D project.

8.My envelope for all my travel documents.

9.My persciption was under "KEELA TOTTER" for the longest time
10.N320, my room number. On move-in day they put labels on all of our stuff 11.A Korean phrase a friend taught me 12.I spent a night with my roommate in the hospital, the kind nurse excused me from class that day.

13.My roommate's attempt at making a paper snowflake. FAIL.
14.My wristband from the Artist Ball
15.Three used ink cartridges


 This is the box I kept all my stuff in, a package from Mr. K Schwartz. 

1. One of the first weeks in November I was walking to class with my MN sweatshirt through the strap of my backpack, it fell out and got lost. I made lost signs. 

2. Then one day when I was coming back from the store I saw a girl WEARING IT! So I made these signs gently suggesting she return my sweatshirt.
3. She did.

 4, 5 & 6. Receipts for various art supplies.

7. A turkey figurine my friend Haley gave me from her box of tea. 

8, 9 & 10. Things found in the courtyard of my dorm and across the street in the elementary school playground. 

11. List of call numbers for books in the library. 
12. Grocery list. 

13. Wild game ticket.
14. Burlesque movie ticket. I went with my whole family, including grandparents. 

15. Plane ticket I found in a book I bought at the Walker library book sale. 

These are really bad pictures of my stuff, I would have scanned but my roommate is sleeping and the scanner is really loud. 

And she has pink eye. I wouldn't want to disturb her. 


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