Saturday, October 2, 2010

Minneapolis' Finest

As you may or may not know, our home base is the great city of Minneapolis. And though we have been scattered to the wind by the pursuit of education we have brought it all back to dedicate this post to our true home.
today we have a guest blogger!
His name is Mohamed and he is the bomb.
So here we go, Mohamed will kick it off:

I have lived here for the past 12 years. Here are a few things that I have enjoyed:
1.      Did you know that the State of Minnesota has more shoreline than Hawaii and California combined? Minneapolis is known for the city of lakes with over 20 lakes in the metropolitan area.  Lake Nokomis is the lake I’ve made my memories, here’s one story. One summer day when I was 7 my mom took us to Lake Nokomis for an outdoor picnic with some neighbors. As I was jumping around the lake, I decided to see if I could go even further, keep in mind I have no idea how to swim, I almost drowned but luckily our close family friend Annie rescued me.
2.      Farmer Markets everywhere, over 17 individual markets over the city. The one I’ve been going to for the past 3 or so years is Mill City Farmers Market. The smell of the freshly grown produce is incredibly amazing.
3.      When it comes to art Minneapolis is a city of art explosion.  Quick fact, Minneapolis has more theater seat per person than any other city outside of New York. Go see a show at Guthrie one of the many Tony Award-winning theaters here.

Minneapolis home too many dynamic cultural experiences in the Midwest, has raised me and nurtured me all throughout my many memorable years here. Minneapolis is a fascinating city for a weekend trip or a family vacation.

What a place.
I never really realized how unlike anywhere else it is until I left for school, this is the longest I've ever been away.
Baltimore is great and all, the row houses are awesome and the inner harbor is nice but there are somethings that just make it not home.
For instance: Baltimore fought for the confederacy during the civil war. WHAT'S WITH THAT?
One of the campus buildings here was actually used as a hospital during the war.
Also, there are police helicopters that fly around every night looking for crime. Is that really necessary?
The people are kind of weird, it smells different, there isn't the same progression of seasons - fall didn't actually kick in until yesterday, and the streets and intersections are pure craziness, the little hand never goes away. In essence it is never safe to cross the street.
I have decided since being out of Minneapolis that I really do love it. When I was younger I was always disappointed that I lived in a nothing state, nothing exciting. 
But really it's better that way, and I will definitely move back when I am all grown up.
There is nowhere better to be.

I miss the maple trees. Although it is "fall" here in RI, the trees are all still freakin' neon green, it's semi-disturbing. Not to mention that the leaves are dinky.

Minneapolis houses some of the best small businesses and cafes: Anodyne, Sigh Yoga, Punch Pizza, Patisserie 46, The Tea Garden, Buster's on 28th, Hunt & Gather, & The Colossal Cafe...to mention a few. All of them being personable and cozy, "going back home" means making a pit stop at all of these fine establishments. 
Minnesota's State Fair says it all. The stick foods, the sky glide, the grandstand concerts, and the infamous milk stand. A true midwestern tradition that defines each and every Minnesotan summer.
Driving in the early fall with the windows down, listening to some Dave Barnes, traveling to the cabin. The best of the best.  ALSO, the grass. Being surrounded by buildings is suffocating. Boulevards don't exist here.
Finally, the apple orchards: perfect honey crisp and zestar apples eaten right off the tree.
My heart is in Minneapolis. 


  1. Anonymous3.10.10

    keela, are you aware of the definition of the word "infamous", many people tend to use it incorrectly. Are you a fan of the milk stand or not? From your use of the word "infamous" the average reader (me) assumes that you are not. Please read the following definition and adjust accordingly.

    Infamous- (adj.)deserving of or causing an evil reputation; shamefully malign; detestable: an infamous deed.


  2. Infamy/infamous: "favorable public reputation," or "well known for something."
    That April, is what I was going for.