Monday, August 30, 2010

First Impressions

First impressions are serious business. 
Especially now that we are venturing into a new territory called college.

I must admit that I am easy prey for first impressions. 
They don't have to work to hard to take me down completely.

When I first got here I did not have good feelings about the "artist types" I was met by,
HOWEVER I have since found people I can stand to be next to for more than ten minutes and who I can hold a conversation with.

Art school is a completely different animal than anything else.
My first impressions were these:
1. Everyone smokes. Mostly.
2. Everyone is clearly into art. Clearly.
3. I do not enjoy this.

I am coming around a little bit.

I just need to put up a bigger fight against those first impressions.


I still have 2 weeks until first impressions will truly be of importance. But, my take on first impressions? Well, the word 'impression' seems a little bit too benevolent...not harsh enough. I mean, honestly it's way easier to judge a person in a negative manner then it is to 'judge' in a positive one.  Why is this? It's because we want to be better than everyone else. Human behavior is nasty isn't it? 

First impressions exist, whether we like them or not, or need them or not. They're there. Personally I find them amusing, and there is a lot to learn from a first impression...and sometimes that's all you need to determine who deserves your time, love, advice, or middle finger.

It's 12:39, and Bad Romance is playing on KS95.


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