Friday, July 16, 2010


Picture yourself at NINETY,
what have you accomplished?
what have you contributed?
what are your regrets?

I have accomplished many things: shopped at an open market in Greece, cooked breakfast in the nude, spent a night on a sail boat, fell in love, witnessed a miracle, ate seared scallops, hosted many dinner parties, took a nap in an orange grove, raised a bundle of kids, bought a cottage in Nova Scotia, experienced heart break, opened a small flower shop or boutique, read my favorite books over again, witnessed the winter Olympics, camped in a yurt, and attended an orchestra concert at Carnegie Hall. 

I have contributed a lot of swear words, the F-bomb in particular.

I regret not writing in my journal enough.


I will do this a little differently:

When I am 90 I hope to have white hair, like the wings of a dove.
I hope that I can still walk.
I hope that I will not need glasses, but I probably will.
I hope that I will have had everything I ever wanted, within reason.
I hope that I will not have to depend on depends.

I will have accomplished the things I actually cared about enough to accomplish.

I will have contributed to the world's population crisis.

*Keela's "I have" and Lily's "I will."

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