Monday, June 14, 2010

Still Alive

I have been watching old episodes of the show Dead Like Me on Hulu recently, I've made it through almost two seasons in, I think, about a week. 
This is my summer life. 
The show is about grim reapers and every episode a ton of people die doing the stupidest stuff, most of which I don't think could actually kill anyone, but always seems to anyway. For example, there was one scene at a church, during a wedding, the newly weds were walking out the door when a guy fell on top of them from the balcony. A rather low balcony. And all three died. Absurd. 
This brings me to my point. 
A few days ago I had to clean the tile in my bathroom, there is a built in tub with tile all around it that goes up to the ceiling, I was home alone, there was water and soap everywhere, I was standing on the edge of the tub, barefoot with a sponge in one hand and my dignity in the other and all I could think was: I am going to die doing this.

I could have slipped and cracked my head open right there.

But I didn't, I blogged about it instead.
Fun to read about, I know.


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