Monday, May 17, 2010

Drink Up

What we like to drink:

Cream soda on special occasions, apple juice at breakfast restaurants, cranberry juice at home, Coke - not Pepsi. Ever. Lemonade in the summer, ginger ale on airplanes. Skim milk with dinner, water in the middle of the night, malts as a treat.

A note about milk: Any kind of milk that is not skim should be banned. Put it back up the cow. 
A note about Mountain Dew: Mountain Dew is synonymous with Walmart, and "up north." 
A note about coffee: Makes me sick, I might have an ulcer. 


I don't drink pop. There is no need to:
it rots your internal organs and leaves large traces of sugar for the crime scene investigator to uncover after you die from a sugar coronary.
I drink Fiji Water, water in my bright green Nalgene, milk, coffee, and blueberry-pomegranate juice.

Milk is my love: breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
2% is preferred, however 1% will do just fine.
Never skim. 
Never EVER skim.
Do I look like a wimp to you? I don't consume white water.
 However, sometimes it's necessary to add some cream to a glass of skim...in emergencies of course.

Caribou's medium, milk chocolate, 1/2-caff. iced mochas are golden.


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