Monday, April 19, 2010

Lily is Legal

She has turned EIGHTEEN. Thus, I give you
eighteen things about Lily.

1. She spends about 100 hours a day (yes, in a 24 hour day) reading blogs.

2. She has taught herself to play the harmonica. Adelvice is my favorite.

3. She is a hardcore carnivore and loves a good cut of meat. Her favorite restaurant is Manny's Steakhouse: here she is able to pick her kill before it is cooked and marinated, and the waiter brings the raw meat to her table on a cart. This is where she ate dinner tonight.

4. She is obsessed with triangles and wooden objects.

5. She has a collection of vintage bandaid tins.

6. She is the ONLY person I can shop with. Vintage that is. We understand eachother's style and personal choice of garb.

7. She writes the best letters, and I keep every one of them.

8. She hauls wood at her grandma's house up North every year.
And she eats hearty soup afterwards.

9. She has the best luck with Ebay than anyone I know.

10. She has a extensive collection of brightly colored wind breakers in her closet. I've witnessed her purchase...well, almost all of them.

11. Don't try to contact her after 10:30pm, she sticks to an early bed time.

12. She wears a neon green piece of string around her left hand. It's been there for over a year now.

13. Her favorite movie: Fight Club.

14. She always gets sick after she goes to the Tea Garden with me.

15. Her desert of choice: banana cream pie.

16. She is infatuated with idioms and UPPERCASE LETTERS.

17. She has an acute eye for design and typography. This talent will take her far.

18. She is one of the wittiest people I have ever met. Nobody could ever match her sense of humor.

Lily, happy eighteenth birthday.
You have inspired me, humored me, and complained with me,
you are sincerely the best Lily Jane out there.

With love,

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