Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The Baker's Dozen

The 13 things we can not, and will not live with out.

1. The Selby What is it about other people's clutter? I love the artful nature of the photos as well as the objects in them. 
2. A dictionary, preferably in book form. I could spend hours looking through the dictionary and still only know a fraction of the English vocabulary, it's like exploration in book form.
3. The Pilot V5. The best pen i have ever used. Ever. 
4. Black lines on white paper, there is some thing so clean about crisp black lines on crisp white paper. 
5. Denim, usually in jeans but occasionally elsewhere.
6. Anything wooden, like a huge butcher block table, hardwood floors, or piles upon piles of wooden boxes to shove things into.
7. The prairie, if I were to move to the country it would have to be the prairie. Long grass, lots of wind, and one patch of very tall, very dark trees. 
8. Triangles. My favorite shape. Who knows why.
9. Oranges, but only in fruit form. Not juice, not zest, not candy.
10. Good glassware. Good drinking glasses, good scientific-type glassware for design purposes and tons of glass domes. 
12. The Mail. I love envelopes, I love letters, somedays the only thing I have to look forward to is the mail. Plus, it never ever stops. Except on holidays, and sundays. But I can handle that.
13.V-Necks, sweaters, tee shirts, I wear one every day. 


1. The Tea Garden in Uptown :: bubble tea :: royal tea with pearls

The atmosphere is indescribable, or should I say the ambiance? The ONLY place I seem to get work done. The best place to de-stress. And the best of all, double stamp Tuesdays! You can’t beat a large creamy royal tea with pearls and a large over-sized colored straw. “Drink tea, eat pearls.”
2. Yoga :: Sigh yoga :: hot yoga
The best thing that has ever happened to me.

3. Brahms

For those of you who aren’t familiar with my buddy Brahms, well you better get acquainted. Fast. His 1st Symphony remains my favorite symphony; to play and listen to. His talent remains an inspiration.

4. Scotch Packaging Tape

In my perfect world, I would have endless access to tape. Tape is a necessary item. You will always find tape in my bag…for adhering found items into my journals, sketchbooks, and for waxing my legs. Just kidding. But in all seriousness, leave me on an island with some Scotch Packaging Tape. Just try.

5. Hunt & Gather

This is where I do my hunting and my gathering. I hunt for old photographs, vintage jewelry, and other necessary odds and ends. My last purchase? Some small cardboard rectangles that said, “A Two Year Old Doughnut,” “A Lovesick Giraffe,” and “A Shetland Pony.” OBVIOUSLY necessary.

6. My Lassie

She is known visually as Lassie, but in my homestead she is Lily. We have the best conversations… she is the dog version of me. We compliment each other very nicely.

7. Magazines
Frivolous spending? What? Ha, this here is what I live for. Whether it’s Elle, Vogue, Elle Décor, W, print, or the latest Anthropologie catalog, I am addicted to the glossy pages of magazines. I have become a professional magazine-page-tearer (yes, another profession to add to my college applications). What does this imply? Ripping out a page perfectly. You would be amazed. On our art trip to France/Barcelona last fall, I bought a Vogue magazine from every country we visited: Germany, France, Spain. I think I probably did double duty in some countries. Let’s just say my bags were much more heavier on the way home.

8. Anodyne BLT

Not your classic BLT. A fusion of crunchy thick bacon, fresh cut tomatoes, crisp lettuce, cracked oat bread, and a special butter spread. The special spread is an enigma. I don’t know what they put in it, but it gives the BLT a spark of personality. The best BLT around town. Pay close attention to the SPECIAL SPREAD.

9. Snail mail

The fast approaching age of wireless technology has me worried about the future of snail mail. Mail is essential to my life: I love sending, writing, packaging, posting, and receiving it. Thus, I have kept every letter I have ever received. And when I was younger, I wanted to be a mail woman, true story. I love the diversity of mail, the surprise, and the structure of a foreign envelope. So please, for my sanity, save the snail mail.

10. Finger nail clippers

I cut my nails so much.

11. Apricot Soleil

Best fresh from a bakery, preferably in Europe. But Rustica in Minneapolis does the job. The perfect combination of fluffy pastry and apricot custard. Enjoy on a Sunday morning with a cup of java.

12. Horoscope :: Pisces
The first thing I read every morning in the newspaper.

13. Mint Scrub from Bath and Body Works

Pair this with a hot shower, an early morning, and some John Mayer, and you are good to go. The fragrance of mint explodes and wafts through my house after I open the bathroom door. With a cozy and clean feeling, this scrub cleanses even the roughest of mornings.


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